About Us

Mission Statement

Humara Pakistan Online is an online free platform to post classified ads. We believe in excellence, honesty and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to transform the way we buy and sell in Pakistan by presenting the people with an effective platform where everything is just a click away. We aim to provide safe and transparent transactions with profitable deals for every Pakistani who wishes to buy, sell or hire.

Humara Pakistan Online is created to promote Tourism, Charity, Soft Image of Pakistan and a Free Single User-friendly platform to the customers. Our customers will be able to find everything on this website, i.e. sale/purchase of properties, electronics, vehicles, services, jobs, and you name anything.

What we do

As a classified ads platform, we believe in the safety and security of our users. We have a sophisticated system for screening the ads, finding inaccuracies, and encouraging best practices. While our user's rating tool means, anybody who uses the sale category on Humara Pakistan Online knows more about us. We have also joined forces with Government and Law Enforcement agencies to improve cybersecurity and help people enjoy a great online experience.

We are determined to become a top 10 digital destination in Pakistan and help more people to find opportunities and improve their lives through Humara Pakistan Online. HumaraPakistanOnline is a complete platform offering amazing user experience for those looking to buy, sell, or hire products or services just a click away.