We reserve the right to delete or ban those who would reply inappropriately. Code of conduct for contacting other users:

Please read the following policies into account before posting any ad:

Receiving Inappropriate Replies

If you receive an inappropriate reply, please do not respond. You can delete the conversation using the Delete conversation button at the bottom of your messages. If a user has become rude mid-conversation, remember that you can rate your experiences with them using the Rate Buyer or Rate Seller button found when you open the conversation. If the reply is threatening or hateful, please report it to our support team.

Data Protection Act

The rights are covered under the data protection bill of 2018, Chapter II, Chapter III and Chapter IV for the use of clients/customers and the remaining bill is for details: Link

Ads Posting Policies

At Humara Pakistan Online (HPO), we want to make sure that the site is as clear, user friendly, and helpful to everyone. Ads that fall outside the posting rules stated in our Help sections or our Terms of Use may be removed from the site. You are solely responsible for all information that you submit to and any consequences that may result from your post. We reserve the right at our discretion to refuse or delete content that we believe is inappropriate or breaching our Terms of Use. We also reserve the right at our discretion either to restrict a user’s usage of the site temporarily or permanently or to refuse a user's registration.

Please read the following policies into account before posting any ad:

Digital goods

As a responsible business of Pakistan, it is our priority to ensure that our community remains safe. We don’t allow the sale of anything illegal, dangerous, and items that are against the law of Pakistan. We also prohibit certain items at the request of our community if someone feels threatened or that might cause any damage to someone. In case of any banned or illegal item, we reserve the right to ask you to take it down the ad, or we will remove it ourselves. The list below contains the names of banned items and can’t be posted on HPO. This list is non-exhaustive and will be updated in case of any change by the government o Pakistan or any complaints by the customers:

Dangerous / hazardous chemicals
Drugs and prescription goods
Digital goods

Note Asking to be paid for an item or service in a virtual or real currency is allowed, but the currency itself cannot be sold directly.

Fake, replica, or unauthorised trademark items
Firearms, ammunition and equipment (even if they’re legal to buy)

Note: Paintball equipment not related to the gun (goggles, gloves etc.) are allowed Hunting equipment
Note:Scopes, straps, and gun cabinets are allowed

(of any kind)
Gambling machines
Fruit/slot machines etc
Gas and electricity meters
Hate organizations of any kind
Human parts, remains, or services
Items promoting hate, discrimination, or stereotypes of a particular group of people
Lottery tickets
Personal information or mailing lists
Diesel, petrol or any other inflammable liquids
Security tag removal items
stolen goods
Tickets not intended for resale, including cricket or any other event
Unlocked hardware and software, which comes under data protection act
Unlocking software (software that unlocks any electronic item, like a phone or game console)
Used undergarments, including nappies etc
Weapons and knives

Note: Cutlery/butter knives are allowed

Wild Life
Duplicate Ads

Multiple ads posted for the same item/service are considered duplicates on HPO. Duplicates clutter the listings and make searching harder for other users. When posting ads, please keep the following in mind:

Avoiding Discrimination

Everyone wants and deserves to be treated fairly. Pakistan has a dual system of civil and sharia law. The Constitution of Pakistan recognizes equality between men and women (Art. 25(2) states "There shall be no discrimination on the basis of sex"). When you’re posting on HPO, it’s very important that your ad respects the law. You need to write your ads so that they don’t discriminate based on age, disability, gender, race, religion or belief, or sexual orientation.

Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

The easy way to bring the spirit and the letter of the law to your posts is with this brilliant online tool from the Equality and Human Rights Commission. It helps you to find the guidance you need in almost every scenario, whether you’re posting or responding. And best of all, it’s free.

Focus on the Skills You’re After, Not the Person

When you’re writing your job description, focus on stating the skills you’re looking for. Don’t think about a particular type of person.

Report an Ad

At HPO, we rely on our community to help us keep everything as it should be. You can get involved by reporting an ad you want us to look at. We’ll work with its owner to help get it right.

Category Specific Policies
Services Policies (The below details would be hyperlinked)

All services advertised in classified ads and in reply to other ads must adhere to our services rules, as well as our regular posting policies. Read our policies surrounding certain services below:

Sexual Services
Financial & Car Insurance Services
Botox Services
Dissertation and Essay Writing Services
Massage Ads

Massage services are welcome on HPOas long as they are offered by trained professionals. When posting ads in this category, please include your qualifications within the ad, as well as following the policies below:

Jobs Policies

Along with our General Posting Policies all Jobs posted on HPO must follow the policies below:

Replying to Job Ads

It is the responsibility of the advertiser posting an ad on HPO to ensure that content advertised adheres to all HPO posting policies as well as applicable laws. As a condition of your use of HPO specified under our Terms of Use, you agree that you will not violate any laws. For more of HPO’s policies, please read our General Posting Policies and What’s Not Allowed on HPO articles.

Property Policies

Along with our General Posting Policies, all Property ads posted on HPO must follow the policies below:

Knowing your legal obligations

When posting in property, please ensure that you know your legal obligations. Property laws vary depending on where the property is in the Pakistan, and the type of tenancy. While we are not able to list every law or regulation in this article, failure to meet your local requirements may result in your ad being removed from HPO.

Retailer Policies

Along with our general posting policies, all retailers posting on HPO must follow the policies below:

Note: We reserve the right to remove ads that hinder the user experience.

Community Policies

Along with our General Posting Policies all Community ads posted on HPO must follow the policies below:

Pets Policy