What Information Can Be Seen When I Post?

In this day and age, privacy is on everyone’s mind. Humara Pakistan Online protects your privacy by giving you complete control over what information other users can see. Below, we’ll explain how to work with the security measures that Humara Pakistan Online has in place to keep you safe

Emails and Phone Numbers

By default, Humara Pakistan Online marks your email and hides your phone number behind the Reveal button. It can be tempting to include contact information in the body of your ad to speed up communication. However, by putting this information in the description, you’re side-stepping the protections we’ve put in place to protect your information. This can increase the chance that you’ll be contacted by those who would otherwise not be able to get around our security measures.


The name in your Profile is the name that will appear in your ads. It’s safest to use your first name only, or even a nickname. Including your last name is not required or recommended.


Giving out your street address shouldn’t be necessary in most cases. We recommend meeting at a safe third-party location whenever possible. If you are selling something that cannot be easily moved, it’s best only to provide your address once you’ve agreed to make the deal or arranged an inspection. Posting your address in the ad description is not recommended.